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Fossflakes Winter Duvet

Fossflakes Winter Duvet

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Curl up under a warm and comfy duvet

In very cold climates, snuggle under the Fossflakes Winter Duvet. The duvet is soft, yet durable and long lasting.

The Nordic winters range from beautiful, sparkly frost to raw, bone chilling coastal winds and can be very cold. Days are short and comfort is extremely important. Your duvet has to have all the right properties in just the right way for Nordic Sleep. In very cold climates, snuggle under the Fossflakes Winter Duvet.

The Fossflakes Winter Duvet is the ideal solution to those who feel the cold, but don’t like the feel of heavy duvets. Fossflakes is light and breathable. Air-pockets in the filling material ensure that the duvet stays warm, but not unpleasantly so. The duvet is light and breathable due to the unique filling material.

Made in Denmark

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100% Cotton
70% patented Fossflakes flakes mixed with 30% polyester fibre balls

Size (Filling Weight)
Single 155 x 220 cm (1275 g)
Double 180 x 228 cm (1525 g)
Queen 205 x 228 cm (1750 g)
King 250 x 225 cm (2125 g)

OEKO-TEX Certification

All Fossflakes products are tested and certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Oeko-Tex is the global benchmark standard for textile goods manufactured without harmful substances and in accordance with good environmental practice.

Certificate number: ZHHO 094172 TESTEX.

Care Instructions

The Fossflakes Duvet is easy to maintain and fluff back into shape. Machine wash at 60°C and tumble-dry at a low setting <60°C. Remove your duvet promptly after the tumble dry cycle completes. Avoid fabric softener and enzyme based detergents when washing Fossflakes product as these may compromise the properties of the filling.