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GUTS!! Tennis Club Sports Towel Set

GUTS!! Tennis Club Sports Towel Set

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Direct Shipped from Japan - A sports towel designed with club activities as a motif. Perfect for practicing and watching games ♪
When you hang it around your neck, you can read the name of the club activity written on the towel.

Made in China

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34 x 80 cm x 2P

Jacquard 1P / Printed 1P
100% Cotton

SEK Antimobial Finish

It is a certification mark that guarantees the quality and safety of antibacterial processing, which has a stronger bacterial suppression effect than antibacterial processing. It suppresses the growth of skin flora on the fiber and bacteria harmful to the human body such as Staphylococcus aureus, and can be expected to reduce these bacteria, so it can be said that it has a high hygienic effect.

Japan Platform Product

Assembling the wisdom of NGOs, the government of Japan, business communities, and intellectuals forming a platform to practice effective operation, to provide sustainable and optimal assistance to World Wide beneficiaries.

Care Instructions

Use a mesh laundry bag, select cold water and a delicate wash cycle.
Avoid using chlorine bleach detergent.
Initial washing may release some lint; it's advisable to wash separately to prevent lint transfer to other items.
In case of snags, refrain from pulling the threads; instead, trim carefully with scissors.
After washing, air dry in a breezy location, gently reshaping the towel.

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