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Imabari Etak®Anti Virus Face Towel

Imabari Etak®Anti Virus Face Towel

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Imabari - Antiviral and Antimicrobial TowelWith Etak® treatment, can antiviral and antimicrobial effectively.

Made in Japan

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34 x 80 cm

100% Cotton
Pile Jacquard

Etak® antibacterial finish

Etak® is an internationally patented immobilized antibacterial ingredient developed by Professor Hiroki Futakawa of the Hiroshima University Graduate School, an authority on antibacterial research on teeth, based on an antiseptic used in the treatment and rinsing of the oral cavity.
This towel is treated with Etak® when woven, have good antiviral and antimicrobial effect.

The antiviral and antimicrobial effect are maintained even after washing and drying.

It is great for drying, cleaning your hands and ensure your cleaniness!

About Imabari

Japan number one Towel is from Ehime, where making high quality towel for nearly 120 years. Imabari towels are well-known for their attention to detail, safety and high quality. Only the highest towel quality standards can be certified as Imabari towels and signs.

Care Instructions

Use a mesh laundry bag, select cold water and a delicate wash cycle.
Avoid using chlorine bleach detergent.
Initial washing may release some lint; it's advisable to wash separately to prevent lint transfer to other items.
In case of snags, refrain from pulling the threads; instead, trim carefully with scissors.
After washing, air dry in a breezy location, gently reshaping the towel.

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