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MiRAi Imabari NAMI Towel

MiRAi Imabari NAMI Towel

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Indulge in the luxurious feel of our towel, designed with a herringbone pattern that enhances its smoothness and softness. Made from fluffy cotton, this towel offers a soft texture and exceptional water absorption while minimizing lint. The softness comes from the use of less twisted yarn, making it extraordinarily soft and fluffy. Its unique construction ensures quick and complete water absorption, providing you with the ultimate drying experience.

Good Design Award
5 Star Quality
Reborn Cotton

Made in Japan

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Approximate 25 x 25 cm (Mini Towel)
Approximate 34 x 80 cm (Face Towel)
Approximate 60 x 120 cm (Bath Towel)

100% Cotton


Japan number one Towel is from Ehime, where making high quality towel for nearly 120 years. Imabari towels are well-known for their attention to detail, safety and high quality. Only the highest towel quality standards can be certified as Imabari towels and signs.

What kind of design can be recognized as excellent by the Good Design Award?

It's not just the aesthetics of the item, but the ability to make people, society, and the future better.

The Good Design Award is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and promotion mechanism. Together with the G Mark, this award has been widely recognized over the past 60 years and has continuously committed to improving people's lives and society through design.

Reborn Cotton

Part of the material of this product uses recycled 'Reborn Cotton,' but the terry part that comes into contact with the skin is made entirely of new materials, so please use it with confidence.

Reborn Cotton is made by mixing shorter yarns and old towels from the recycling manufacturing process with virgin cotton. The fluffy cotton provides a soft texture and excellent absorbency while reducing lint.

Care Instructions

Use a mesh laundry bag, select cold water and a delicate wash cycle.
Avoid using chlorine bleach detergent.
Initial washing may release some lint; it's advisable to wash separately to prevent lint transfer to other items.
In case of snags, refrain from pulling the threads; instead, trim carefully with scissors.
After washing, air dry in a breezy location, gently reshaping the towel.

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