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Polku metsa Peta Peta Multi purpose Towel

Polku metsa Peta Peta Multi purpose Towel

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Japan Direct Delivery - The front and back are made of a material that sticks like Velcro and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as wrapping a lunch box or using it as a pouch.

It has a loop so you can hang it on a hook etc.

It is a design created by Ms. Sawako Hoshi.
She is a textile designer living in Helsinki who provides designs to marimekko.
She creates designs with the theme of "natural beauty and landscape in memory".
METSA The design is inspired by "Forest".

Made in China

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43 x 43 cm

100% Polyester

Children's Forest Program (CFP)

The Children's Forest Program (CFP) is an international initiative dedicated to educating school children and communities about the environment. Through tree planting and various environmental activities, CFP aims to inspire a love for nature and foster environmental stewardship among the younger generation.

Care Instructions

Use a mesh laundry bag, select cold water and a delicate wash cycle.
Avoid using chlorine bleach detergent.
Initial washing may release some lint; it's advisable to wash separately to prevent lint transfer to other items.
In case of snags, refrain from pulling the threads; instead, trim carefully with scissors.
After washing, air dry in a breezy location, gently reshaping the towel.

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