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Alma Vivens

Premier Pillow

Premier Pillow

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Alma Vivens® Premier pillows provide a better pressure relief and more extraordinary comfortable support to cope with different sleeping position. Specifically designed to meet the needs of those who suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain, this pillow model comes in three different heights and can optimize neck alignment for both side-sleepers and back sleepers thanks to its curved shape.

What makes our pillows so comfortable?

Alma Vivens® pillow is made by a stable Smartgel®, an unique dotted pattern design features a layer of Smartgel® molded seamlessly to memory foam that gently conforms and massage to your head and neck. It provides a better pressure relief and more extraordinary comfortable support.

The thermal conductivity of Smartgel® favors heat dispersion helping to lower skin temperature and offering a pleasant cool feeling which provide an ideal temperature for sleeping.

Key benefit includes:

Pressure relieving
Unique dottedpattern design
Ergonomic support
Silver smart foam
Memory foam base
Enhanced breathability

2 years warranty

Made in Italy

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Luxurious textile covers (28% Micro Tencel, 72% Polyester) fine yarns
Product Dimension:

65cm x 40cm x 8cm (25.6" x 15.8" x 3.1")
65cm x 40cm x 11cm (25.6" x 15.8" x 4.3")
65cm x 40cm x 14cm (25.6" x 15.8" x 5.5")

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