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Trio Pillow De Luxe 3C

Trio Pillow De Luxe 3C

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A pillow which is available in three strengths. What all three have in common is: maximum comfort. The specially developed inside baffle ensures a high degree of shape retention and constant support comfort. Depending on the design, the inner and outer walls provide ideal comfort for people who sleep on their side or back.

Made in Germany

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Fine maco batiste, 100% cotton
Exterior: 90% goose down & 10% goose feathers from Europe
Interior: 80% goose feathers & 20% goose down from Europe

Size Filling Weight (g)
50 x 70 cm 800 g Interior + 2 x 60 g Exterior Standard
51 x 91 cm 1000 g Interior + 2 x 80 g Exterior King

Care Instructions

Easy Maintenance, shake your pillow after use and it will retain its volume and shape.

Down Pillows are Machine Washable and ok for Tumble Dry. Simply follow the care instruction label on each pillow. Recommend dry cleaning to avoid fabric damage.