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True Legend 650 Warm

True Legend 650 Warm

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A Mako-batiste 315 thread count finest German fabric with a super soft finish from Sanders, filled with high-quality Polish goose down and feathers and refined by KAUFFMANN. Here, palpable quality meets the optimum price.

Made in Germany

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Maco batiste, 100% cotton
90% polish goose down
Baffle Box Construction

Size Filling Weight (g)
150 x 220 cm 910 g Single
180 x 228 cm 1100 g Double
205 x 228 cm 1250 g Queen
250 x 225 cm 1500 g King

Bramscher Tuch

„Bramscher Tuch“ is the sum of high-quality raw materials, fine yarns and exclusive fabric finishing.

Filling Power

The filling power – measured in CUIN – is the primary scientific standard for the quality of the down. The higher the filling power, i.e. the CUIN value, the better the quality.

At the same weight, first-class down is several times more voluminous with a much greater filling power, making it fluffier. The duvet is perceptibly lighter with the same thermal performance. The best duvet is the one which has the highest thermal insulation property at the lowest weight.

Care Instructions

Please ventilate regularly and avoid direct sunlight.
A gentle shake every so often helps distribute the down evenly.
Avoid using down duvets to sit or lie on for longer periods.
For long-term store use the cotton bag and store in a dry place.
Clean every 2 – 4 years by following the instructions on the care label.

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